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Conference Program 

The Program for the LCANZ 2018 Conference is now available. Click here to download a PDF of the program book.

Friday, 5 October 2018

Registration desk open


Opening Plenary, Ballroom 3-4
Chair: Kate Birchall


Conference official opening
The Hon Stephen Wade MLC
Minister for Health and Wellbeing

0830-0930 Human Milk and Infant Brain Development
Dr Mandy Belfort
0930-1030 Banking on Milk: an Ethnography
Dr Tanya Cassidy
1030-1100 Morning Tea, Posters & Exhibition, Ballroom 1-2

Plenary Session 2, Ballroom 3-4
Chair: Narelle Dwyer

1100-1200 Use of Domperidone to Increase Breast Milk Supply: Keeping abreast of current controversies and recommendations for clinical practice
Dr Luke Grzeskowiak
1200-1230 Valuing women's lactation work
Dr Julie Smith
1230-1245 Ringing up about breastfeeding: RUBY – Outcomes from a randomised controlled trial exploring early telephone peer support for breastfeeding
Fiona McLardie-Hore
1245-1300 Volunteers' experiences of providing breastfeeding peer support in the 'Ringing Up about Breastfeeding' (RUBY) randomised controlled trial
Fiona McLardie-Hore
1300-1400 Lunch, Posters & Exhibition, Ballroom 1-2
1400-1540 Concurrent Session A Concurrent Session B
  Chair: Wendy Norris
Ballroom 3

Chair: Marianne Dugmore
Ballroom 4

1400-1420 Innovative strategies to engage hard-to-reach demographics in the community
Barb Glare
Never Say Never: The Impact of Infertility on Human Lactation
Lenore Goldfarb
1420-1440 Using the right tools for the right job
Amy Wray


The importance of counselling by peer supporters: the National Breastfeeding Helpline 1800 686 268
Alison Boughey

1440-1500 How to Choose Supplementation Methods & Devices
Carole Dobrich
In the 'NIC' of time: Does Breastfeeding education increase staff confidence in the NICU Environment?
Michelle Simmons
1500-1520 Making breastfeeding the easy decision: changing environments and systems to enable breastfeeding
Dr Julie Smith & Libby Salmon
Separated, monitored and instructed: Disconnect and breastfeeding in the NICU
Dr Laura Tolton & Jen Hocking
1520-1540 Valuing women's milk vs spending and gifting
Virginia Thorley
Using Pasteurised Donor Human Milk (PDHM) at a tertiary hospital without a Milk Bank
Christina Galloway
1540-1555 Afternoon Tea, Posters & Exhibition, Ballroom 1-2
  Plenary Session 3, Ballroom 3-4
Chair: Rosie Reynolds
1555-1640 Human Milk and preterm infants: benefits and challenges
Dr Mandy Belfort
1640-1725 Red Cross Blood Service Milk Banks
Chris Sulfaro
1740 End of Day 1
1900-2330 LCANZ 2018 Gala Dinner Ballroom 3-4  
Saturday, 6 October 2018
0730-1700 Registration desk open
 08:25-11:00 Plenary Session 4, Ballroom 3-4
Chair: Jo Gilpin
0825-0830 Welcome to day 2
0830-0930 Understanding the biology of lactation: Challenging old paradigms to improve breastfeeding outcomes
A/Prof Wendy Ingman
0930-1030 Livestream: The Evolved Nest and Child Well-being
Dr Darcia Narvaez
1030-1100 The importance of breastfeeding and skin to skin in establishing and maintaining the infant's microbiome and priming their immune system
Rosie Reynolds
1100-1130 Morning Tea, Posters & Exhibition, Ballroom 1-2
1130-1250 Concurrent Session C Concurrent Session D

Chair: Heather Gale
Ballroom 3

Chair: Michelle Simmons
Ballroom 4
1130-1150 Physical health, breastfeeding problems and maternal mood: further results from the CASTLE study
A/Prof Lisa Amir
How Birth Practices Affect Breastfeeding
Jane Palmer
1150-1210 Maternal overweight and obesity and the relationship with exclusive breastfeeding in the maternity hospital.
Dr Kelly Pereira Coca
Who "owns" the baby after a Caesarean Section? Midwives initiating skin-to-skin contact
Jeni Stevens
1210-1230 "Where is my milk this time?"  A case study of no milk in a previously successful breastfeeding Mum
Kirstin Lock
The prevalence of skin-to-skin contact after normal birth worldwide: A systematic review
Nawal Abdulghani
1230-1250 When exclusive breastfeeding isn't working - supporting families to keep going
Carole Dobrich
Are we focusing on the wrong products, to protect babies?
Virginia Thorley
1250-1400 Lunch, Posters & Exhibition, Ballroom 1-2
 14:00-15:45 Plenary Session 5, Ballroom 3-4
Chair: Kelly Rechtin
1400-1445 Mothers and food: sociocultural perspectives
Dr Tanya Cassidy
1445-1515 Does sharing breastmilk fill a food security gap? The experience of donors and recipients in Australia
Libby Salmon
1515-1545 Let's stop 'teaching' women how to breastfeed their babies
Cynthia Peterson
1545-1600 Afternoon Tea, Posters & Exhibition, Ballroom 1-2
 16:00-17:30 Plenary Session 6, Ballroom 3-4
Chair: Kate Birchall
1600-1630 The Diabetes and Antenatal Expressing (DAME) randomised controlled trial(RCT): breastfeeding outcomes"
Anita Moorhead
1630-1715 The WBTi - Benchmarking Australia's Breastfeeding Policies and Programs
Jen Hocking & Naomi Hull
1715-1730 Conference Closing

Please note this program is subject to change.